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5 Clubs to Rave About: Vol. 1

As I have stated in my previous post I have a new mission with my work which is based on creating spaces that bring people together and fostering community. For me, nothing represents this more than fellowship with like minded people on a dancefloor. In this post I will be raving about night clubs whose interiors I find inspiring and leave me longing to create spaces of my own.

Public Records - Sound Room - Brooklyn

Located in the heart of Gowanus, Brooklyn. This transformed industrial building from 1912 is the product of Francis Harris and Shane Davis whose love of music shines brightly thru their creation and continues be represented in their bookings. Along with a restaurant/bar and coffee nook the Sound Room is situated in the back of the complex and is as beautifully designed visually as it is engineered for perfect sound. The perforated plywood walls add a cool texture and warm tones to the room which make it feel very inviting. The layout is perfectly conducive for functional partying with easy access to the bar and bathrooms and a nice wide DJ booth for wilding out in front of one of your favorite DJs.

Photo: Cody Guilfoyle Reference: Dezeen #publicrecordsbrooklyn

Paragon - Brooklyn

The newest project from mastermind John Barclay who previously created Bossa Nova is Paragon and it is absolutely spectacular. the newly christened club was designed by Safwat Riad who is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers of all time. There are two floors both of which are thoroughly thought out and design with extreme care. The basement is doned with a ceiling light grid and the main floor has a full wrap around mezzanine? Did I mention I LOVE a Mezzanine! The arches that lead from one space to another and the checkered floor are just two visual elements that tie various design periods seamlessly in creating such an incredible party space. definitely much fun to be had here.

Photo: Mohamed Sadek for The New York Times #paragonbrooklyn

Robert Johnson - Frankfurt

I have yet to make it to Robert Johnson, but their bookings have me as excited as the super chic multi-functional design. The three partners Ata Macias, Klaus Unkelbach and Sebastian Kahrs opened the space in 1999. Everything is moveable which allows them to expand, shrink and easily transform the space according to the vibes of the event. It also has a terrace and sweeping views of the river Main which makes this a club worth traveling to.

Photo: From Electronic Beats

Brunel Rooms - Swindon

Ok, I had to dig DEEP for this one. I remember seeing pictures of this club in a book on architecture my mom bought me when I first expressed interest in design back in 2001. It is an image that has lived in my mind for quite sometime and as I have been working towards designing clubs I made it my mission to recently hunt this down the and fortunately I was able to find it. Designed by FAT (Fashion Architecture Taste) this nightclub was completed in 1995. The club composed of two rooms, the main dance floor which was meant to resemble a pool (stay tuned for a pool inspired interiors post soon). and a chill out room which was meant to be nostalgic of your friends family's living room. I haven't been able to find out much about their bookings, but I am obsessed with this design and live for the unapologetic campy glamor of it all.

LUX - Lisbon

Another one for the bucket list Lux is definitely one of the more mainstream clubs on this list. Partially owned by John Malkovich and the other partial owner is Manuel Reis who is best known for opening Lisbon mega club Fragil. There are full surround balconies with views of the River Tejo and rooftop lounge and a bar area with ever-changing furniture installations. The one thing that has me most excited is the light installation in the main dancefloor area which has me itching to make some moves on this dancefloor.

Photo: Lux #Luxlisbon

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